Left Green Perspectives (1988-1998)

Left Green Perspectives [complete back issue list]

[Note: Left Green Perspectives was published between 1986 and 1998. The monetary figures listed with each issue represent the cover price at the time of publication; print editions are no longer available.]

Issue #1 [...]

Left Green Perspectives [an introduction]

Left Green Perspectives (formerly Green Perspectives)
A Social Ecology Publication

The Social Ecology Project

With the emergence of a new millennium, it should not be surprising that old socialist ideologies–borne of the Industrial Revolution–are no longer adequate to encompass [...]

Left Green Perspectives #38

The Unity of Ideals and Practice
by Murray Bookchin

Recently I have begun to encounter, especially among young people, individuals who call themselves “leftists” but who have little or no [...]

Left Green Perspectives #37

The Fallacy of “Neither Left nor Right”:
Militia Fever
by Janet Biehl

At a time when the political sands have shifted massively to the right nearly everywhere, when [...]

Left Green Perspectives #36

Terror Reigns in Manhattan
by Michael D. Weiss

Editors’ note: The following article singles out a real crisis that is emerging in [...]

Left Green Perspectives #35

From Green Messiah to New Age Nazi
by Matthew Kalman and John Murray

Matthew Kalman and John Murray are editors of the eco-political investigative magazine Open Eye, which has been uncovering and exposing David [...]

Left Green Perspectives #34

Is Russia on the Road to Dictatorship?
by Markus Mathyl

Editors’ note: This article explores the affiliations of self-styled Communist parties in Russia with parties of the nationalist and [...]

Left Green Perspectives #33

When “Realism” Becomes Capitulation

Action from principle, the perception and the performance of right,
changes things and relations; it is essentially revolutionary,
and does not consist wholly with anything which was.

One of the [...]

Left Green Perspectives #32

Inside Russia Today:
An Interview with Vadim Damier
by Wolfgang Haug

This issue of Green Perspectives focuses on recent developments in Russia from the perspective of anarchist Vadim Damier. Since 1987, Damier, who lives [...]

Left Green Perspectives #31

What is Communalism?

The Democratic Dimension of Anarchism
by Murray Bookchin

Seldom have socially important words become more confused and divested of their historic meaning than they [...]