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Brian Tokar on “Alternative Radio” this week

During the week of May 9th, David Barsamian’s weekly Alternative Radio program is featuring Brian Tokar’s recent talk on climate justice, recorded at Naropa University in Boulder, CO this past March.

If your local public or community radio station doesn’t broadcast A.R., now’s a good time to let them know [...]

Audio: Chodorkoff’s NYC Anarchist Bookfair “Loisaida” reading

Audio is now available from ISE co-founder Dan Chodorkoff’s reading from his debut novel Loisaida at the 2011 NYC Anarchist Bookfair.

Loisaida (Fomite Press) is now available from Amazon. Please do ask your local bookseller to order copies.

Please click here for the audio.

“Mumford Gutkind Bookchin” – A brief review

Review of Janet Biehl’s booklet, Mumford Gutkind Bookchin: The Emergence of Eco-Decentralism (available from New Compass Press)

by Brian Tokar

The link between ecology and decentralist politics is often taken as a given, as natural a connection as between bees and pollen or tulips and Dutch gardens. But as with everything [...]

“The half-life of disaster” by Brian Massumi

ISE Director Brian Tokar recommends this article from Brian Massumi, who translated Deleuze & Guattari’s 1000 Plateaus and several later writings of theirs into English. Here’s an excerpt from the piece:
As a counterweight to the conditions of precariousness fostered by disaster capitalism itself, certain key economic sectors are allowed [...]

Social Ecologist Profile: Rafter Sass of Urbana, IL

Please introduce yourself (What kind of work you do, Where you live,  etc.) I’m a research agroecologist, Permaculture designer, and educator-activist. I recently moved to Urbana, IL, with my partner Brook, where I’m working on a PhD at University of Illinois. As a Permaculturist and ecological designer, I’ve done work in waste and water […]

Chodorkoff’s novel “Loisaida” now available

ISE co-founder, longtime Director, and current Board member Dan Chodorkoff’s long-awaited and much-anticipated novel Loisaida (Fomite Press) is now available from Amazon. Please do also contact your local bookseller and request that they order Loisaida.

In related news, Dan reports that his Loisaida reading at the 2011 NYC Anarchist Bookfair went very well!

Here’s the [...]

Audio: NYC Anarchist Bookfair Closing Plenary with Ashanti Alston

Audio from the closing plenary of the 2011 New York City Anarchist Bookfair featuring ISE associate Ashanti Alston is now available. Click here to link to the audio.


Audio: Capitalism, Climate Change, and Social Conflicts

Now Available: audio from a 2011 Left Forum panel discussion entitled “Capitalism, Climate Change, and Social Conflicts.” The panelists include ISE Director Brian Tokar, Chris Williams (Pace University), and Younes Abouyoub (Columbia University). The panel was sponsored by the Union for Radical Political Economics and was chaired by Emily Giles.

Click here [...]

Biehl breaks with social ecology

[The following was left as a comment on the ISE Blog's initial post "Announcing the New ISE Blog." Re-published here as a blog post with permission from the author.]

Eric Jacobson

Dear Eric,

Thanks for your invitation to participate in the discussion on the ISE blog. I’ve had no contact with [...]

New Perspectives in Social Ecology

by Eric Jacobson I wanted to add my voice to the discussion that has been initiated on these pages on whether fresh ideas can brought to the table of Social Ecology. By Social Ecology, I mean the human dimension of nature, both the phenomenological inter-subjectivity between humans and the environment […]