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Occupy Wall Street protests go global

A comprehensive global round-up from journalist Bill Weinberg's invaluable World War 4 Report:

Under the slogan "From Tahrir Square to Times Square," the Occupy Wall Street movement reports demonstrations in over 1,500 cities across the globe Oct. 15, including over 100 US cities from coast to coast. In New York, [...]

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New publication: “Organizing Cools the Planet”

Co-authored by ISE board member and recent social ecology MA graduate Hilary Moore:

Organizing Cools the Planet: Tools and Reflections to Navigate the Climate Crisis
By Hilary Moore and Joshua Kahn Russell

Organizing Cools The Planet offers a challenge to all concerned about the [...]

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“Occupied Wall St. Journal” online + More photos

Here’s the word, direct from the streets of New York:

First issue:
Second issue:

Also the Atlantic Monthly has an outstanding set of photos from the October 5th support rally for Occupy Wall Street, along with allied events across the US, at And Jim Ennis, who teaches sociology [...]

Reflections from Occupy Amherst

by Ben Grosscup
October 9, 2011

When I heard that a “general assembly” had been called for the Amherst Common to organize an Occupy Amherst movement, I had a sense that there was some kind of opening for new political possibilities in my community. I have seen and participated in [...]

Photos from Occupy Wall St. support demo Weds. 10/5

All photos are © 2011 by Eliot Tokar, whose website is Brian Tokar’s brother Eliot is interviewed about his Tibetan medicine practice at More of his Wall St. photos can be seen at

From Seattle: 32 arrested in police raid against Occupy Seattle

From our Climate SOS colleague Duff Badgley in Seattle:

For four nights in the gloom and rain we have occupied Westlake Park, the highly used public park in Seattle’s commercial core. Occupy Seattle, like Occupy Wall Street, sprang into being outside other organizations. The speed and intensity of our birthing [...]

“Why Greece Is About To Explode”

From The New Significance, an excellent new webzine on global rebellions from former ZNet co-editor Chris Spannos. He is just back from visiting and interviewing activists across Europe, and promises continuing coverage from on the ground there, as well as in New York and elsewhere:

The author of this report [...]

Updates and more views of Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street campaign, now in its third week, has inspired a wide range of commentaries, as well as like-minded events all across the US. Here are two somewhat contrasting views from commentators I trust. Arun Gupta of New York City’s Indypendent newspaper offers a positive outlook on [...]

GRAIN wins Right Livelihood Award

The Right Livelihood Award, commonly described as the “alternative Nobel Prize,” has granted one of its 2011 awards to the international research group, GRAIN. GRAIN has been in the forefront of international efforts to protect traditional agricultures and access to seeds, and describes itself as “a small international non-profit [...]

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“Occupy Wall Street” & the Radical Imagination

A thoughtful commentary by anthropologist and social movements scholar David Graeber in The Guardian of September 25th. One good source of daily updates is the Reader Supported News website at

An excerpt:

The form of resistance that has emerged looks remarkably similar to the
old global justice movement: we see [...]

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