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Video: Brian Tokar at the Oslo Ecological Challenges conference

The New Compass has just posted a video of Brian Tokar’s presentation from last September in Oslo, titled “Climate Change as a Challenge to Democracy.” This was the opening session of the 3-day Ecological Challenges conference at the University of Oslo, and included a panel of academic and activist [...]

ROAR Magazine interview with Debbie Bookchin

ROAR Magazine (Reflections on a Revolution), one of the very best websites chronicling today’s protest movements and global uprisings, has posted an extended interview with Debbie Bookchin about her father’s legacy and the importance of his essays collected in the book, The Next Revolution, co-edited by Debbie and ISE [...]

SAVE THE DATE! 2015 ISE Summer Intensive

 “Beyond Strategy: Building Visions for a Free Society”
2015 ISE Summer Intensive Seminar:
August 15th- 20th, The Watershed Center, Millerton, NY.
The past year has been one of tremendous hope for liberation against a backdrop of violence. From the unprecedentedly decentralized new movements to end State sanctioned killing of [...]

Ursula LeGuin on Murray Bookchin

Verso Books has published an outstanding new collection of Murray Bookchin’s political essays from the 1990s and early 2000s, titled The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy, and edited by Debbie Bookchin and Blair Taylor. Debbie and Blair sought a foreword from the renowned science [...]

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“To Revisit Spain,” by Eleanor Finley

In the late 1960’s, social ecologist Murray Bookchin traveled throughout Spain and Catalonia collecting the history of Spanish anarchism. Though the 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War was highly-publicized throughout the “democratic” west, few accounts ever dealt seriously with the social revolution that took place within in. Furthermore, no definitive history existed of the Spanish anarchism that fueled these events, a political movement dating back to the mid-19th century. Murray set out to write this history and, in the process, shed light on the development of revolutionary Left theory and practice. Four decades later, I encountered these works as a young woman coming out of Occupy Wall Street (OWS). I’d quit my job, left my apartment, and made the pilgrimage to New York City. During OWS, I had the wonderful fortune to spend time with a group of indignados activists from Valencia, Spain. First hand, I began to see the hazy outlines of a new worldwide conversation was forming around the real meanings of democracy and prosperity.

New collection of Murray Bookchin’s political essays

Just released by Verso Books:
The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy
by Murray Bookchin Edited by Debbie Bookchin and Blair Taylor Preface by Ursula K. Le Guin
From Athens to New York, recent mass movements around the world have challenged austerity and authoritarianism [...]

Eyewitnesses to the Kurdish revolution

In December, a delegation of European academics and others, including some social ecologists, participated in a week-long visit to the Kurdish region of Syria – known as Rojava – to witness the experiments in “democratic confederalism” that are underway. Janet Biehl has posted the first report on the delegation [...]

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New book reviews and an interview

Reviews are starting to come in for the recent books by Brian Tokar and Dan Chodorkoff that were profiled here:
• The Swiss Ecologie Sociale website has reviewed both books (in French):
The Anthropology of Utopia:
Toward Climate Justice:
• has reviewed Toward Climate Justice:

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Report and a call to action from Ferguson, MO

ISE board member Negesti Cantave is on the ground in Ferguson and offers this update:

In the past 48 hours here in Ferguson, MO I have personally been affected by tear gas, and been in close vicinity to rubber bullets and pepper spray. I was personally directed by either National [...]

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NY Times letter on Kobane

From the New York Times editorial page, November 25, 2014. Also see
To the Editor:

Re: “More Than a Battle, Kobani Is a Publicity War” (front page, Nov. 20):
While the Syrian border town of Kobani may be viewed as a public relations battle by the United States and [...]