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“Ecological Challenges” conference in Oslo

The weekend immediately following the gigantic People’s Climate March in New York City, social ecologists and others will be gathering in Oslo for this important event:

Ecological Challenges: Oslo 2014 Conference
25-27 September 2014

The ecology movement deals with the greatest social and political challenge of our time: climate change. How [...]

Don’t Mourn, Organize! A Social Ecology Panel at the 2014 Left Forum

This year, the annual Left Forum was held on May 30st through June 1st at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. The conference and its theme, Reform and/or Revolution: Imagining a World with Transformative Justice, attracted scholars and activists from across many social, environmental [...]

The return of “scientific” racism

Alan Goodman, a professor at Hampshire College, co-director of the American Anthropological Association’s Understanding Race project, and long-time friend of the ISE, has posted a review on of a disturbing new book by New York Times science writer Nicholas Wade, which aims to revive long-discredited theories proposing a [...]

Dan Chodorkoff on the origins of the ISE

… focusing on early renewable energy experiments at Cate Farm in central Vermont, with French subtitles courtesy of Vincent Gerber:


Social ecologists at the Left Forum in NY City

Once again, faculty and associates of the ISE will be participating in several panels at the annual Left Forum, scheduled for May 30th – June 1st in New York City.  Following huge turnouts that stretched the limits of available spaces at Pace University, the Forum has been moved uptown [...]

Report from European social ecology meeting

Dan Chodorkoff reports from the recent European social ecology meeting in Greece:

TRISE, the Transnational Institute for Social Ecology held its second annual meeting in Marathon Greece from April 23-27th.    The organization is a primarily European effort to develop and disseminate the ideas of social ecology, with an emphasis on [...]

Jerome Roos: Why is there less protest today?

In a recent post to his website,, Jerome Roos unpacks 2 recent articles aiming to explain the apparent decline in protest since 2011, and suggests some explanations of his own, focused on the triad of precarity, anxiety, and perceived futility.  Roos argues that there’s considerably more protest in [...]

Tikkun Magazine symposium: Does America Need a Left?

This special feature in Tikkun’s Spring 2014 issue contains many prominent voices, including three people with long histories with the Institute for Social Ecology: Chaia Heller, Blair Taylor and Janet Biehl.  They join other well-known writers, including Barbara Ehrenreich, Stanley Aronowitz and Michael Lerner, in addressing this important question. [...]

New book: Between Occultism and Nazism

From long-time ISE faculty member, Peter Staudenmeier, now a professor at Marquette University:

Between Occultism and Nazism:
Anthroposophy and the Politics of Race in the Fascist Era

The relationship between Nazism and occultism has been an object of fascination and speculation for decades. Peter Staudenmaier’s Between Occultism and Nazism provides a [...]

Bookchin pages on

A colleague at the University of Vermont has drawn our attention to a series of about 20 posts on of articles, pamphlets, book excerpts, and commentaries by and about Murray Bookchin.  It includes some fairly rare materials, and is definitely worth a look.  See