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Bookchin pages on

A colleague at the University of Vermont has drawn our attention to a series of about 20 posts on of articles, pamphlets, book excerpts, and commentaries by and about Murray Bookchin.  It includes some fairly rare materials, and is definitely worth a look.  See

New social ecology book from Barcelona

We have received an email informing us of a new book in Spanish, titled Bookchin y la Ecología Social, published by Libélula Verde in Barcelona.  Their description, roughly translated says:
The publication brings us Social Ecology, from the hand of the US thinker, Murray Bookchin. Given the many challenges [...]

On Wall St. and Organizing Nature

A provocative interview published in 2011 in the Toronto-based journal Upping the Anti offers a fresh outlook on key questions of society and nature, and offers important resonances with Murray Bookchin’s writings. The piece addresses how societies define ecological relationships, and touches on issues of technology, productivity, commodification, and [...]

Murray Bookchin cited in the New Yorker

The January 13th issue of the magazine includes an interesting article by New Yorker correspondent Evgeny Morozov critiquing a new “Makers” movement that combines elements of home crafts and computer hacking with high-tech tools, from 3D printers to what are described as “personal drones.” Like some elements of the [...]

For Murray, by Chaia Heller

A eulogy for Murray Bookchin, on the occasion of the anniversary of his birthday, January 14th, 1921:
For Murray

Murray didn’t just love ideas.
He didn’t just read, discuss, or create them.
He lived for and through them.
Ideas were the light that streamed through his window
at the beginning of [...]

New Book: Democratic Autonomy in North Kurdistan

New from New Compass Press:  In the fall of 2011, a group of German activists journeyed into the Kurdish regions of Turkey to learn how the theory of Democratic Autonomy was being put into practice.  They discovered a remarkable experiment in face-to-face democracy—all the more notable for being carried [...]

Education for Social Change

This essay by ISE co-founder and board chair  Dan Chodorkoff was originally presented in 1998 at the annual reunion of the famed Modern School, based in NY City and New Jersey and founded on the  principles of the Spanish anarchist educator Francisco Ferrer. It has been updated and will [...]

Book Review: Gunnar Rundgren’s “Garden Earth”

Garden Earth: From Hunter and Gatherer
to Global Capitalism and Thereafter
by Gunnar Rundgren

Reviewed by Grace Gershuny

Gunnar Rundgren is well known in the international organic community as an articulate leader, consultant, theorist, and practitioner of organic agriculture world wide.  A founder of the influential Swedish organic certification program KRAV, [...]

2013 Colloquium: “Social Ecology in an Era of Crisis: Renewal and Reassessment”

August 23-25, 2013
Marshfield, Vermont
In the coming year the Institute for Social Ecology will celebrate 40 years as a unique educational haven for critical thought and political action directed towards creating a free and ecological society. We invite friends, colleagues, alumni, and fellow travelers to gather this August [...]